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I was born in Paks. I spent there my childhood and youth.
In 1956, I went to Szekszárd, and I have two children from my marriage. While they were very young, I tried my hand at graphics. Sometimes, after the children went to bed, I went up to the attic, pulled the tiles away and drew the chain of hills with cellars from there. However, I realized that bringing up children, working and my hobby are a bit much together, so I gave up drawing.
My first painting experience is related to László Biszák. In 1996, I visited Laci’s studio with an ex-workmate, where I could see how a picture was made. From that time I started to draw and paint everything that impressed me. I showed my works to Laci. Thanks to his encouragement I started to deal with the secrets of painting.
My first own exhibition was held in Őcsény. I, who believed that I had already known something, found courage to ask János Decsi Kis to open my exhibition. It is hard to tell what a face he had when he saw my works for the exhibition. It is really unforgettable! He was very nice because in spite of this fact he opened it! – With today’s eyes, I was really courageous to do that.
From 2001, I seriously started to deal with painting and drawing. I can recommend András Szunyog’s books, such as Rajz ABC (Drawing Alphabet) and Kis Rajziskola (Little Drawing School), from which you can learn a lot. I realized that it is not enough to grab a brush and some paint and start painting. It can’t result in anything good, you really have to learn the basics.
I’m fond of nature, and if I have the chance, I go outside to paint. I like fishing and during that I also take advantage of the opportunities given by nature, as for the topic of my next pictures. I often go fishing to different places with my older son and my oldest grandchild, but most of the time we go to Gemenc. I have also taken part in ice-hole fishing. There I have time to observe the trees, the river, what a tree, the forest or the shades of the water are like. I immediately imagine them with a frame and how they can be painted on canvas.
I have always been interested in painting on a big surface. In 2006, I was given the opportunity in Happy & Orange café to do that. I was asked to paint a secco with a given topic. I was quite shy alone, I was afraid to start it, so I asked some of my painter friends to work with me. I was delighted when my painter friend, Ferenc Hucker from Szekszárd, who has already had a similar work, said that besides working he could work with me only at weekends. I didn’t regret it. I just really wanted to try it! Making the secco took from December, 2006 to March, 2007. It felt as if I went to work, I did something with it every day. The most difficult was to finish it, we had to harmonize the work of art to be unified. That was the way the secco was made. It gave a desperately great, unforgettable experience to me although it was really hard work – and I would paint more, more and more on surfaces like this!
I like creative camps very much. Over the years we have known each other very much, we have learnt a lot, and a really great team has been formed. Furthermore, this year in the lengyeli camp, besides displaying our pictures, we sang our songs to the visitors. Last year I was invited to a creative camp in Pálfa, where Géza Görgey was the art leader and his four peers were also invited. I felt it was a very hard-working camp, and I was a bit afraid because I had to do my best among professional artists. As for me, it was a really great trial.
I have been invited three times to the National Painter Competition of Velence-lake, where the challenge has been extremely high, because a lot of qualified artists have taken part in the competition. Last year I was very delighted because I was in the top 10, who were also awarded.
I got qualification in summer camps from the following art leaders:

István Kedves, Edit B. Tóth, Antal Szakál and Géza Görgey.
In 1998, I became the member of BÁRKA Art Saloon Club, in 2000 I accepted the vice president position for the first time, later I undertook the work of the secretary, and from that time I have been taking part in the Club’s activities.
In 2003, with the help of BÁRKA we organized the first creative camp in Dombori, in the Youth campsite, where István Kedves was the art leader. That year we could learn a lot from each other and from the art leader, as well.
Since 2004, I have been a member of  PART Club of Somogy County. The usefulness of it is that my works of art are supervised at least four times a year, in other words, they decide about my pictures, which is really good but at the same time it is very hard, because I have to accept criticism, as well, but that’s the way of learning!
I am the member of Saint George Circle, maintained by the Hospital of Fejér County, whose art leader is Antal Szakál. There are 21 members who meet every summer for two weeks by Balatonszabadi Salt Lake. We give each other a lot of advice and practices, so it’s been proved a very good self-teaching circle.
My favourite painters are: Sr. Károly Markó, Mihály Munkácsy, Pál Szinyei Merse (Picnic in May, Woman In Purple Dress), Károly Lotz (Boat Towers, Thunderstorm over the Puszta) and lots of others.
For me, there is no day without painting or drawing. If I have sorrow, I paint, or if I am happy, I paint. I am lucky because my partner has a positive attitude to my ‘hobby’. My children, grandchildren and daughter-in laws sometimes criticise me a lot, but it’s never been a problem.
I would like to paint a picture which I am also satisfied with. I haven’t managed to do that yet, because my imagined picture has always been more beautiful. Perhaps I will achieve my standard in my life.
I have to work hard because time is running so fast…! That’s all about me!
Mária E. Nagy

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